Web development and media services
Web development and media services
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Solving your problems for you with innovative web development, data analysis and media services.

Services include responsive web design, domain registration, website hosting, website maintenance, search engine optimisation, API interrogation and development, improvements to existing sites, social media presence, photography, video editing, data analysis and Microsoft Office programs (especially advanced excel).



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Summary of skills and areas I can help you.

Web Development

I can build you a new customised website or enhance your existing website.

Do not underestimate the power of a modern design and clever functionality to keep users on your website. Small user frustrations on your website can mean lost business.

Languages: Javascript (also JQuery, AJAX), Ruby, PHP

I can produce customised coding to greatly enhance the experience of your users. This website includes some examples of custom javascript coding I have written such as:

  • 1) Random image and video selection: On this website (see Gallery and Video display areas below), images are randomly selected from a server library of images (could be setup to be used for video files also) and videos are randomly selected by interrogating the YouTube API for my channel.

    Every time the page is loaded, the images and videos displayed will change (as they are randomly selected).

    Images can be 'dropped' into the server library and videos can be added to the YouTube playlist and they will be automatically displayed without the need for hardcoded html.
  • 2) Custom anti-spamming:
    The contact form below has a custom anti-spam field. 4 (but could be set to any number) random characters (displayed as an image to prevent a bot from copying the text) are selected from numbers 2 to 9 and characters A to Z (upper and lowercase characters) with ambiguous characters such as '0' and 'O' excluded. The 4 characters will always include at least one number. If the user does not enter the matching characters, the message cannot be sent.

Other examples of my coding (including details of the technology employed) can be seen on these links below. These examples can also be accessed from the "LINKS" menu above.

Light Badge (large)

I am at level 1 of 8 (the top level is 1) on the coding website

Web Design

Modern style and responsive design solutions to suit your web business.

This website is responsive, i.e. the display will be optimised for the screen it is being viewed on. So the look of the website on a mobile phone will be completely different to the look on a 27 inch monitor, thereby improving the user's experience.

Website assessments and SEO

I analyse websites and advise on improvements that lead to an improved user experience.

Apparently minor improvements often mean the difference between a user lingering on your website or moving on to the next.

I can also make changes to improve search engine ranking and discoverability for your website.


I have professional equipment and take good photographs ranging from macro, people, animals through to landscapes and action shots.

I can do all types of editing and enhancing of photographs too.

My images have passed quality control and are listed for sale on commercial websites.

Some examples of my photography can be found at the websites below:

Some of my photos are displayed in the gallery below. These photos have a copyright in the bottom left corner.

Photoshop and graphics

As well as editing photographs, I also do all web graphics such as as gifs, browser tab icons, business card design, e-mail signature design, etc.

Social media presence

I can produce content for all social media accounts (youtube, instagram, twitter, linkedin, etc.) and assist you in getting views from a wider audience.

See the links under "Video" below for some examples.


I edit videos and can produce short videos from concept.

I have produced videos to advertise a company's services and videos specifically for multimedia in special formats (e.g instagram square format).

I create videos using footage/images/music provided by a client or sourced from on-line libraries. I have also used basic animation software. Captions, voiceovers and music can be added.

Some other examples of my videos can be found on YouTube and Instagram:

videos from my channel on YouTube have been randomly selected and are displayed below in the Video Library.

Portfolio maintenance

I look after a portfolio of websites for clients.

As well as managing all of the technical aspects of website maintenance, I also produce website text, video and image content.

Advanced Excel (macros and VB) and MS Office programs

I produce advanced Excel spreadsheets incorporating Visual Basic coding and macros.

These can be coded to be mini applications, taking in input from external files (in various formats), processing it within the spreadsheet and then outputting the results to external files (in the desired format, e.g. csv, pdf, word, etc.)

I can also assist with MS Access databases, Powerpoint and Word.

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Feedback from my clients.

  • Claudia - Daseincoaching
  • Glenn has been an absolute superstar in setting up my website!
    I especially appreciate his flexibility and reliability.
    He brings a diverse set of knowledge to his work and never runs out of creative ideas.