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General Instructions

Select an item from the drop-down list, add a quantity in the field next to it and then click "Add". Keep adding as many items as needed.

Items added will appear in a summary list showing item, quantity, price and total.

After at least 1 item has been added the "Cash Received" button becomes activated.

Enter an amount in the cash received field (next to the "Cash Received" button) and then click the button. This amount needs to exceed the "Total purchases" amount or an error message will be displayed.

The "Total purchases" amount includes the discount (as appropriate) and tax at 17.5%.

Once the cash received has been accepted, the "Generate Receipt" button becomes activated.

If you need to change the cash received amount, enter a new amount the cash received field and then click the "Cash Received" button again. Items can still be added after cash received has been accepted but if you do that, you will need to enter cash received again.

Click the "Generate Receipt" button to create a receipt.

Even once a receipt has been created, it is still possible to add more items. However you will then need to go through the process of entering the cash and generating the receipt again.

To clear all items and start with another customer, click the "Reset" button.